SKINFAXE Guide to Instrumental Metal Tracks (in no particular order)

Band Track Album Year
Metallica Anastasia (Pulling Teeth) Kill'em All 1983
MetallicaOrionMaster of Puppets1986
Metallica To Live is the Die ...And Justice For All 1988
Metallica Suicide & Redemption Death Magnetic 2008
Iron Maiden Losfer Words (Big 'orra) Powerslave 1984
Death Cosmic Sea Human 1991
ScatterbrainSonata #3Here Comes Trouble1990
Scatterbrain Sonata #11(Rondo Alla Turca) Scamboogery 1991
Joe Satriani Ice 9 Surfing with the Alien 1987
Anthrax Intro to Reality Persistance of Time 1990
Amorphis Thousand Lakes Tales from the Thousand Lakes 1994
ObituaryRedneck StompFrozen in Time2005
Furious TraumaRidin' with SiouxPrimal Touch1993
MegadethInto the Lungs of HellSo Far So Good So What!?1987
CandlemassInto the Unfathomed TowerTales of Creation1989
AnnihilatorCrystal AnnAlice In Hell1989
AnnihilatorSchizos Are Never AloneAlice In Hell1989
Acid ReignFreedom of SpeechMoshkinstein1988
ManowarSting of the BumblebeeKings of Metal1988
Flotsam & JetsamThe JonesNo Place for Disgrace1988
Cradle of FilthThe Rise of the PentagramThornography2006
DestructionThe DamnedMad Butcher1988
SavatagePrelude to MadnessHall of the Mountain King1987